Garage Door Blues – Part 2

In the previous article, we established the motivation for building a garage door opener using the Raspberry Pi along with a handful of other components. More specifically, we outlined the desired features of the opener, which includes the ability to monitor and control the door through a website. In this installment of the series, we’ll focus on the features and how they can be implemented in the Raspberry Pi. We’ll use a state machine to keep track of the garage door.

The state machine below, described using a classic “stick and bubble” notation, provides a very simple approach to describing the states of the door. Basically, the door is either open, closed or somewhere between.
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Garage Door Blues – Part 1

If you’ve looked at my blog posts lately, you’ll see that I haven’t contributed in quite some time. I have an excuse. I had to pack up and move from sunny Southern California to the frozen tundra of St. Louis. The transition to a new job was complicated enough, but having to sell a home (at a severe loss) and then find and move into another house was a real distraction. For the time being, my wife and I are renting, as it just didn’t make sense to buy a new house while trying to sell the old one.

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